New start program

The NEW START PROGRAM is founded on biblical principles and practices, and focuses on developing each man's personal relationship with God.  A right relationship with God is the most important part of recovery and is always the starting point.

The standard recovery program lasts 12 months, though some men may need or want more time in order to fully recover.

After their time at Manna House, men are equipped and empowered to transition back into their own lives and environments free from the bondage of addiction.

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What it costs

Residents are required to pay $235 per week for their stay at the Manna House, which includes room, board and the program. Participants live on campus and focus strictly on recovery for the first four months. After that point, they have the opportunity to work within any of the ministry's on-site businesses or seek healthy employment opportunities to support their own recovery and apply their new lifestyle in an everyday setting.


How to Enroll

Manna House accepts new residents year-round. Please click the 'Application Form' button below to print, complete and email the application to:, or call for more information.  Also, the Commitment Form is available for your information.

Application will be reviewed by our staff and an interview will be scheduled on site. After the interview, applicant will be notified within 24 hours if accepted into the program.

Several important requirements to being admitted into the program are; a sincere desire to change and a willingness to do what is necessary to allow that change to take place, the support of family members with prayer and encouragement, and some financial help for the first four months of the program. Without these, success in the program cannot be expected.

Email Application to: